We’ve selected four coffees from our range for you to indulge in this Easter weekend. With hero flavours of chocolate, nuts and dried fruits, these coffees are guaranteed to hit the spot with your weekend poached eggs.

Easter Selection

Guatemala El Libano: Think caramel tuile, milk chocolate and hints of pear and baked apple. This is a classic chocolatey Guatemalan coffee and we love it. We recommend brewing this one up as a filter. Shop beans/ground.

Rwanda Huye Mountain: A wonderfully sweet coffee with a distinctive raisin character complemented by notes of red berries. This coffee is delicious brewed as an Aeropress. Serve with a slice of Simnel cake and soak up all those Easter vibes. Shop beans/ground.

Brazil Pe De Cedro: An outstanding typically Brazilian coffee with notes of white chocolate, macadamia nut and peanut butter, complemented by a low acidity, fantastic sweetness and a creamy finish. Banging as a good old cafetiere with a buttery hot cross bun. Shop beans/ground.

The Espresso: If you’re opting for espresso, our house blend is great for all those quintessentially Easter flavours. A balanced acidity leads to notes of milk chocolate, peanut butter and a touch of red fruit. Super sweet, rich and balanced, just like an Easter espresso should be. Shop beans/ground.

All coffees are available in whole bean or ground, depending on your brew method. We hope you enjoy and have a very happy Easter.