Ethiopia Guji Natural 1kg

Ethiopia Guji Natural 1kg

Beans 1kg

Thanks to the natural processing method this coffee is bursting with notes of blueberry, apricot jam and florals. A real game-changer.

Producer Israel Degfa, Ana Sora
Varietal Heirloom
Process Natural
Brewing Suitable for all brew methods including home espresso machines

About This Coffee

This coffee is grown in an isolated region in Ana Sora located in the Guji zone approximately an eight-hour drive South of Addis Ababa. It’s in a region which is hard to reach by road due to the treacherous terrain. This is a highly unique micro-lot as the coffee is both grown and processed on the site of the farm, making it fully traceable. This is unusual for Ethiopia as most coffee is grown by smallholder farmers who are members of a Cooperative who will process the coffee centrally, therefore losing the farm-level traceability.

We work with a small coffee importer called Kamba who source this coffee from their partner Israel Degfa, who not only grows great coffee but helps to improve the communities where he operates by building primary schools near all his farms and washing stations, in order to give access to education for children who would otherwise have to walk miles to school every day. They also offer microfinance for farmers wanting to improve the quality of their coffees in order to reach higher pricing premiums.