The Classic | Costa Rica Las Hermanas 1kg

The Classic | Costa Rica Las Hermanas 1kg

Espresso Beans 1kg

If you loved our limited edition Christmas coffee then you’ll love this! Another beauty from Costa Rica for you. It’s got a sweetness that will blow you away with notes of honey and spun sugar. There is also a darker plum note that runs through complemented by a delicious chocolate hit. With milk it’s like caramel. It’s a banger. 

Producer Finca Las Hermanas
Region Tarrazu
Varietal Caturra
Process Honey
Altitude 1500m

About This Coffee

We definitely see particular countries of origin pop up more frequently than others in our three-tier range and let’s face it – Costa Rica isn’t one we see very often. You might remember our limited edition Christmas coffee which was a knock-out Costa Rican. If you enjoyed that over the festive season, then you’ll love this. 

The Las Hermanas family have a 100-year history in coffee production, they own several farms and a micromill (a small mill on the farm where the coffee is processed). Having access to a mill on site means there is often more control over the final outcome of the coffee and more room for experimentation during processing. Everyone’s a winner.  

This is the second Costa Rican we’ve had as a Classic release and it’s got a lot of yummy attributes going for it. Let’s start with talking about the sweetness inherent in this coffee. It’s like nectar. Well, technically that’s fake news because we’ve never tasted nectar but we imagine it’s what Bees feel like when they come across a stunning flower. We found notes of honey and spun sugar with a thick texture. There’s also a suggestion of a darker plum note perfectly complemented by a chocolate hit. Don’t even get us started on what happens when you add milk. Caramel. It’s caramel, and it’s a triumph.