The Classic | Ecuador Tres Leguas

The Classic | Ecuador Tres Leguas

Beans & Ground 200g

If you like Biscoff then you’re going to love this coffee. It’s got big Biscoff and cinnamon biscuit vibes, as well as some delicious brown sugar and amaretti notes. It’s super balanced and yummy. It works well with milk, but we found its character is best enjoyed black.

Producer Tres Leguas
Region Vilcabamba, Loja
Varietal Typica
Process Washed
Altitude 2010m
Roast Type
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About This Coffee

It’s very rare to source coffee from Ecuador, let alone to have two coffees at the same time in our three-tier range (our latest Curious coffee is also from Ecuador). Historically, production in the country has been almost non-existent, with oil, cocoa, shrimp and bananas taking precedence for export. The popularity of coffee production grew in the 1920s when the cocoa crop was hit with a disease that decimated a large percentage of it across the country. 

We source this coffee from Makicuna, an importer who is fairly new to the game, and specialise in sourcing small lots of coffee from Ecuador. The name Makicuna comes from a native Ecuadorian language called Kichwa, which means “the hand that gives”. Their focus is on sourcing high-quality coffee whilst offering full traceability. Makicuna are making big strides in changing perceptions of the quality of coffee being produced in Ecuador, and this coffee is a great example of that.

This coffee is grown by Nelson Salinas, a 65 year old legend who has worked on his family farm since the age of 13. Nelson is part of a farmer’s association called APECAEL which focuses on promoting organic methods of agriculture, equal pay for men and women and advocates for fair pay for their produce.

This coffee is very balanced and yummy and could easily be described as having a Biscoff or cinnamon biscuit note. We also picked up notes of brown sugar and amaretti. It works well with milk, but its character is best enjoyed black.