The Cloth Filter - V60

The Cloth Filter - V60

Two sizes available

Want a super sustainable alternative to regular V60 paper filters? Want a really balanced, sweet and full-bodied brew? You need The Cloth Filter. It offers the best of both worlds between metal and paper filters, with the ability to let more oils pass through whilst blocking any fines that can end up making your brew a bit silty.

We’re big fans of these filters here at the roastery and we love how they increase the texture of your brew (compared to a paper filter), without tasting “heavy”. We’re also really impressed with how, if you look after them properly, they leave absolutely no taint or taste.


A little TLC is needed to keep this filter at it’s best. After use, remove as many grounds as possible. Rinse thoroughly with hot water. If you are going to use this filter daily, store in a glass of water in the fridge. For less frequent use, pop it in a container (whilst still wet after being rinsed) and store in the freezer. Rinse again before use. You can read The Cloth Filter Co’s full care guide here. 

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