The Truth Capsules x60

The Truth x60

Nespresso Compatible Capsules x60

Our house blend and a timeless classic. We work with two outstanding producers in Brazil and Colombia to create this balanced, sweet and full-bodied espresso blend.

*Please note: Roastworks capsules are compatible with classic Nespresso® capsule machines only and are not compatible with Vertuo technology. Not recommended for use on Expert machines.


Roast Level

50% Brazil Fazenda Paraiso. Varietal: Mundo Novo, Yellow and Red Catuai. Altitude: 900m - 1100m. Process: Pulped Natural.
50% Colombia La Restitucion. Varietal: Castillo, Colombia, Caturra. Altitude: 1800m - 2200m. Process: Washed.

About This Coffee

PLEASE NOTE * the packaging states that the Colombian element is called Suarez. The actual coffee in this blend is Colombia La Restitucion. This is a screw up and we will correct this in the next packaging print run. Soz.

The Truth is our house blend and a timeless classic. We work with two outstanding producers to create a blend that is consistent, balanced, sweet and works great with milk. Our focus is on building long-term and sustainable relationships with our entire supply chain in order to ensure consistency, traceability and great quality. The Brazilian element is grown by Guy Carvalho, who owns Fazenda Paraiso, whom we’ve worked with for years. He runs a very well organised and modern farm and the result is evident in his super consistent coffee that is sweet, silky and brings a lovely syrupy mouth feel to the blend. The Colombian element is part of a community project that has reinstated farmers who lost their land due to forced abandonment, displacement or dispossession during the longstanding conflict with FARC. This coffee brings a heavy texture, tonnes of chocolate with a hint of lemon brightness.