Costa Rica Cordillera Del Fuego
Christmas Coffee

Costa Rica Cordillera Del Fuego

It's back! Our favourite bonkers coffee from the last four years is back! What better way to release it then as a Christmas limited edition coffee? This coffee tastes like cinnamon. That's right. Cinnamon. It has a lovely buttery texture and a Christmas pudding mouthfeel. It's so freakin' festive we can't imagine a better Christmas coffee. Packed into a lovely amber glass jar with stunning gold labels, this will make an amazing present. We have a limited amount of this coffee, so bag yourself (or someone you love) a treat before it's gone. This is an omni-roast, so suitable for all brew methods.
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THE Christmas coffee is back. We’re so pumped to bring this insane coffee to your festive celebrations for yet another year! For us, this is the only coffee we can imagine drinking on Christmas morning. We first got our hands on this banger back in 2019 and we’ve bought it every year since, we just can’t get enough of it. 

If you love cinnamon swirls then this will be right up your street. It’s so clean and balanced with a thick Christmas pudding mouthfeel (we’re not making this up) and butter notes running throughout. It’s all about the cinnamon though, jeez it’s vivid. It’ll blow your festive socks right off. 

You’re probably thinking, ok but why does my coffee taste like cinnamon? It tastes this way for two reasons. Firstly, this coffee was processed using a method known as anaerobic fermentation, which essentially means without oxygen. The absence of oxygen stimulates a fermentation process that develops acids such as lactic and malic. Nine times out of ten these acids translate into either cinnamon or Twiglet notes. In this case, it’s a cinnamon fest. Secondly, cinnamon was added during fermentation to enhance the flavour in the cup. What we love though is that the rest of the character still shines through!

This coffee is a great all-rounder – it’ll make a knock-out espresso and a delightful filter brew. With milk it tastes like brandy butter. So buckle up, you’re about to be sent on a magical sleigh ride.

roast level
Producer Luis Eduardo Campos
Region Tarrazu
Varietal Caturra
Process Anaerobic fermentation
Altitude 1600m - 1750m

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