The Calm

The Calm

We’re raising money for the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), the charity taking a stand against suicide. January can be a difficult month for many people. 100% of proceeds from the sales of this coffee will be donated to Campaign Against Living Miserably, charity number 1110621. With your support, CALM can continue to offer their life-saving services.
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This coffee was selected unanimously by our roastery team to feature as our fundraising coffee. We all know a coffee and a chat can go a long way, and we couldn’t imagine a better coffee to share with someone who needs it. It’s always OK to reach out, and it’s always OK to talk. So start the conversation with this delicious Peruvian single origin. 

Wilder Garcia is a young producer based in Huabal, Cajamarca. This region counts as one of the most productive coffee growing areas in Peru. The climatic conditions found here are ideal for growing high-quality Arabica coffee. The farm is operated in a way that ensures consistent production over the long term by diving the farm into two blocks and pruning on a rotational basis. 

For us, this coffee just put a smile on our face. It’s a big coffee with a lot going on. It’s bursting with fruit notes, like your favourite fruit-flavoured soft taffy candy, but in liquid form (we’re talking about Starburst, obvz). There’s a super berry jam sweetness that we can’t get enough of, rounded off with dried orange notes. It also works great with milk!

roast level
Producer Wilder Garcia
Varietal Caturra, Bourbon, Typica, Geisha, Java
Process Washed

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