You can now pick up Roastworks in 850 Holland & Barrett stores nationwide. We’re proud to be selected as a hero brand in this new speciality coffee category with seven of our products, including our Nespresso compatible pods and pre-ground coffee from three origins, now available in selected stores.

This is a bold move from Holland & Barrett, the UK’s leading health retailer, to support speciality coffee on the high street and represents a huge leap forward for the industry. Where else on the high street can you find such an offering of speciality coffee brands and products?

Delivering on our brand promise of making speciality coffee more accessible to everyone, we take our hats off to Holland & Barrett for supporting speciality and helping more people realise the benefits of speciality.

The following products are now available in Holland & Barrett:

Pre-Ground coffee:

• Colombia Beatriz Giraldo
Guatemala El Libano Ground
• Ethiopia Negele Gorbitu Ground

Nespresso pods:

• Kenya Kigutha
• Sumatra Takengon
• The Espresso

Head to your local store to pick up Roastworks or buy on their website.