We want to help businesses who’s focus is to serve better coffee, but we are a small team with limited resources. Before we say yes to supplying new wholesale customers, we like to make sure we can provide the level of service you need and deserve.

If you’re not sure how to dial in your machine, or you’re relying on your coffee supplier for maintenance, we’re probably not the supplier for you. For clarification, below is a list of things we do, and don’t do for our wholesale customers.


Here’s what we do:

Supply super tasty, speciality grade, well roasted coffee.

Provide high quality roastery-based barista/coffee training.

Supply most major brands of coffee machines, grinders and ancillary equipment at competitive prices.


Here’s what we don’t do:

Provide engineering services (installation, maintenance, breakdown cover, burr replacement etc.).

Provide on-site training.

Supply takeaway cups.

Supply tea, syrups, soft drinks etc.

Supply free-loan machines.


Not scared by the above? Give us a call or send us a quick message. We’d love to hear from you.