We want to help businesses who’s focus is to serve better coffee.

Finding the right coffee supplier can be tricky. Of course the coffee has to be good, but there are so many other things to consider when choosing the right supplier. Servicing, equipment, training, location etc. The list goes on. We’re here to help you navigate this. As a small team, we’re not always the ideal supplier for potential customers, and we’ll be honest about that. Our strengths lie in coffee, so if you’re looking to raise your coffee game, give us a call. Let’s have a chat and see if we’re the right partner for you.


Here’s what we’re good at:

Supplying super tasty, speciality grade, well roasted coffee.

Providing high quality barista/coffee training.

Supplying most major brands of coffee machines, grinders and ancillary equipment at competitive prices.

Offering third-party finance on all major equipment.


Sound interesting? Give us a call or send us a quick message. We’d love to hear from you.