Third Wave Coffee

Here at Roastworks we refer to our selves as a “Third Wave” coffee roaster, but what does that actually mean? Third Wave Coffee refers to the modern movement that views coffee as an artisanal product, rather than a commodity. It applies the highest culinary standards to all aspects of coffee production and preparation to highlight qualities imparted by varietal, growing region and processing method. To do this, Third Wave coffee focuses on improvements in cultivation, harvesting, and processing, to stronger relationships between coffee growers, traders, and roasters, to higher quality and fresh roasting, to skilled brewing.

Why choose Third Wave coffee? Coffee is a complex product with a wide gamut of variance. It can be argued that coffee has even more flavour components than wine and to appreciate these in all their glory it is essential that care is taken at all stages of production and preparation. This is essentially what Third Wave coffee is all about. By doing this you, the consumer, is able to appreciate what makes speciality coffee special.

Good coffee can vary in flavour from tea-like and floral, to spicy and deep, to fruity and bright, (and everything in between). We want to take consumers on a journey and show them what incredible and diverse flavours coffee can have, and when you do find a coffee you think is delicious we want to give you useful information to explain why the coffee tastes the way it does.

Too often we hear people describing coffee as “strong or mild”, “dark roast or light roast”, or whether the drink is a latte, flat white, etc. We want to move the conversation away from these topics and encourage a discourse in the flavour of coffee.

The ultimate aim of all those involved in Third Wave Coffee is to showcase the diverse, unique and delicious naturally occurring flavours of coffee. Artisan roasters like us hope to reach a new level of sensory experience, enjoyment and appreciation that acknowledges everybody and everything that goes into making the perfect cup of coffee.