You know Christmas is coming when everyone in the roastery starts planning their Christmas day coffee. From convenient capsules to boozy cocktails, we’ve all got quite different plans for our Christmas day coffee this year…


I’m taking our Kenya Nespresso pods over to Caroline’s parents’ house as they’ve got a Nespresso machine. Caro’s brother Shaun really digs them, so we tend to smash a couple of Kenya pods in the morning during presents.


Pre-warm your cup, purge the machine by running an empty shot through it, insert the pod into the machine, press the button and slurp. See our full Nespresso brew guide here.

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Nespresso capsules Kenya


I’m planning on making post-Christmas dinner espresso martinis around 4pm to wake everyone up from their carb comas. It’ll make the afternoon games a little more interesting too! I like using our Espresso blend for this one and the below recipe is guaranteed to shake off the post-dinner slump.



50ml Absolut Vanilla Vodka
50ml freshly brewed and cooled Roastworks Espresso
50ml Kahlua


Pour ice into the glasses to cool them down
Shake all ingredients together vigorously with ice in a shaker for twenty seconds (this helps with the foam)
Remove ice from the glass, strain the mixture into a martini glass and garnish with two beans face up

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On Christmas morning I like to brew up something really special for the family. This year, I’ve chosen our latest Singles Club release Asman Arianto Natural from Sumatra. I’ll either be brewing it up in a V60, or as an AeroPress at the birthing centre if our bump decides to make an early festive appearance!


My favourite drip filter brew recipe is the 4:6 method which involves splitting the water into a 40/60 ratio. You pour the first 40% in two pours, and then decide how many pours you want to make for the last 60%. The first 2 pours decide the balance of the acidity and sweetness. The remaining two pours will decide the strength of the coffee. To get the great boozy and tropical melon notes from this coffee, I’ll be using the following recipe:

20g coffee coarsely ground (like sea salt)

Let all the water flow through before pouring the next pour

50ml – 45 seconds
120ml – 45 seconds
210ml – 45 seconds
300ml – 40 seconds

Learn more about the 4:6 brew method here

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