About Us : Meet The Team

We’re a small team of nice people with a shared passion for great coffee.


This is Will, he's the boss. He's a Co Founder of Roastworks, and legend has it his birthstone is a coffee bean.

You'll find him most days necking filter coffee and running around the roastery doing stuff (we're still not sure what, but it seems important). Will has a penchant for vintage roasting machines and he's our chief tinkerer.


Let's face it, Caro is the actual boss around here. Wife to Will and Co Founder of Roastworks.

Caro's background is in fashion design and when she's not looking after the two kids, she's focused on the business end of things. It's always a light roast coffee for Caro, this girl can sniff out a dark roast a mile away. She loves her retro Suzuki Samurai and trips to Dartmoor.


Looked at our Instagram or read our emails and website recently? That'll be Gee. Most days you'll find her dreaming up ideas of ridiculous videos and trying to convince the roastery team to star in them.

Loves a good yomp on Dartmoor, a Sunday roast and Powerlifting. She loves slurping an iced coffee in the summer on the way to the beach for an early morning dip in the sea.


Joe knows his way around a coffee roaster and also gets involved with our green coffee buying.

We’ve heard rumours he can play The Last Post on a coffee waste pipe. What a party trick. He loves running, and a good trip down to Cornwall for a swim or surf. He hates the winter a lot and definitely smiles a lot more when the sun comes out. He's a great addition to the team and we love having him around the roastery.


If you've got a café or work as a barista then you've probably seen James out and about. He's our wholesale account manager and barista trainer.

In his spare time he likes to play RPGs – don't worry we don't mean rocket propelled grenades. We mean role playing games as well as video games and board games. When he's not teaching his mad barista skills he's probably drinking some insane tea or exploring new cafés.


Ollie is our production/barista trainer assistant. He's worked in cafés since forever serving speciality coffee and is going to compete in the UK Barista Championships. Remember his face because it's going places!

He's a serious coffee fanatic with a love for coffees with wacky processing. He likes to pop to Bristol every now and then to hit up great food and drink spots! Which we love because he always recommending places to the team. He does occasionally forget to buy biscuits on the shop run, but we'll let him off.


Giorgi joined us with no coffee experience but we trained him up to become a production roaster and he's taken to it like a duck to water.

He enjoys cooking healthy meals at home and loves a good walk, as long as it's not raining. He's pretty happy and can be found cracking silly jokes most days. His go to coffee is an oat milk flat white and he's always talking about our Ethiopia Guji coffee!