Up until 2016, we had absolutely no interest in Nespresso® pods. We saw them as an inferior substitute for a proper espresso. Don’t get me wrong, we cupped almost every pod on the market, but every single pod we tasted had a flaw of some kind. Either the coffee was over-roasted, the grind was uneven, or in most cases, the coffee was simply of poor quality.

However, there are millions of Nespresso® machines in the UK and even more worldwide. Sales of Nespresso® and Nespresso® compatible pods are increasing by around 80% year on year. It’s the single largest growth area in consumer coffee.

Our aim has always been to bring speciality coffee to more people and make it more accessible. Nespresso® compatible pods felt like a really effective vehicle for achieving this. So, in 2016 we began developing a range of speciality Nespresso® compatible pods. By sourcing exciting, speciality grade coffees, roasting them in a very specific way and grinding the coffee extremely precisely we found that we could dramatically improve the flavour and performance of Nespresso® compatible coffee pods.

We source vivid, characterful coffees which we roast on our vintage German drum roaster before being precisely ground and packed into oxygen-free aluminium capsules. Our pods are 100% Aluminium, and therefore 100% recyclable. It was important to us to bring a fully recyclable Nespresso® pod to the market. Aluminium is a great material as it’s almost infinitely recyclable. More information about how to recycle our pods is available here. We’ve also written a blog post about the environmental impact of our speciality Nespresso® pods which can be read here.

Our range of Nespresso compatible coffee pods are a great way for millions of consumers to interact with and enjoy speciality coffee at the touch of a button. They allow the consumer to taste the coffees intrinsic characteristics imparted by growing region, varietal and processing. After all, that’s what we’ve been striving for since we began roasting.