Guatemala Huehuetenango Beans

Guatemala Huehuetenango Beans

Beans 200g

An outstanding coffee that’s characterful yet approachable. Think caramel tuile, milk chocolate and hints of pear and baked apple.


Roast Level

Producer Various Smallholder Producers
Varietal Typica, Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai, Paches
Process Fully washed
Brewing Suitable for all brew methods, but makes a killer Cafetiere

About This Coffee

Huehuetenango (commonly pronounced “way-way-teh-NAN-go”) is one of the most famous coffee-growing regions in Guatemala. It’s considered a “coffee economy” and is estimated that around 80% of the population make their living from coffee either directly or indirectly. 

This coffee, which is a quintessential example of a classic Huehue is sourced through Cafe Imports and goes by the name of Waykan. These guys work closely with their partners in Guatemala who through marathon cuppings, meticulous record-keeping, and the promise of higher premiums for better quality, deliver this exceptional regional blend. Producers who own farms of any size are invited to bring their coffee to be cupped, and whether they bring 2 or 200 bags their coffee is sampled and scored. Coffees that score 85–86 with the clean and crisp Huehuetenango profile are blended into this lot.