A wonderfully sweet coffee with a distinctive raisin character complemented by notes of red berries with black tea on the finish.
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Our Rwandan coffee is produced by 1,047 local farmers in the sub-region of Nyamasheke. The Nyungwe washing station, where all the coffee cherries go to be processed is located at an altitude of 1680m, and expands over a total area of 2.5 hectares.  

The Station is very isolated and uniquely positioned at the start of a wide upsloping valley that stretches for 9km, leading to the largest rainforest in the country – the Nyungwe Forest – hence the name of the washing station itself. Farmers cultivate their crops right up to the edge of the native forest and often encounter visits from baboons during their daily lives. 

The station benefits from a favourable climate, distinct from the rest of the country. The proximity of the forest causes cooler than usual nights and naturally slows down the ripening process of the cherries. This contributes to the distinct complexity of flavours found in the lots produced here.  

roast level
Producer Smallholder farmers that supply Nyungwe coffee washing station
Varietal Red Bourbon
Process Washed

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