The Peak

The Peak

We blend two contrasting speciality-grade coffees to create balance, complexity and intrigue. Expect layers of chocolate, raisin and black tea.
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This complex and invigorating blend is the result of the hard work of Edson Morais De Barros in Brazil and the producers of the Mahembe washing station in Rwanda. Medium roasted to create a contemporary celebration of speciality coffee.

Six years ago, Edson Morais de Barros bought the 35 hectare Pe de Cedro farm, which is located in the highlands of Mantiqueira de Minas, in Southern Minas Gerais. Pe de Cedro was well known for its quality, and since taking it over, Edson has invested in machinery and techniques to further elevate the quality of his coffee and build the potential of the farm and the region. Edson is committed to environmental and social sustainability, and produces his coffee in line with best coffee practices and the region’s coffee traditions.

Our Rwandan coffee is produced by 707 local farmers in the sub-region of Nyamasheke. Coffee from smallholder farmers is sent to Mahembe washing station for processing. The site includes its own farm and is run by Justin Musabyiama. After moving away for some time, he decided to come back and invest in the community he was from. 

Most of the cherries delivered to Mahembe are from the Nyungwe Forest belt. The terrain in the region is mountainous, rugged and exceptionally beautiful. Rich volcanic soils, plentiful sunshine, and tropical rainfall provide exceptional conditions for the cultivation of arabica, and the Bourbon variety particularly excels in the high elevations of Rwanda’s mountains.

roast level
Producer Edson Morais de Barros, Pe De Cedro Farm / Mahembe Washing Station
Varietal Yellow Bourbon / Bourbon
Process Natural / Washed

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