Brew Guide: Iced Filter

Brew Guide: Iced Filter

If you haven’t brewed a refreshing iced filter coffee during lockdown yet then what have you been doing? We prefer an iced filter coffee to a cold brew as it produces a much sweeter and brighter cup with great acidity, and it helps the coffee’s characteristics to shine. We recommend our Colombia La RestitucionKenya Kigutha or Ethiopia Yirgacheffe for this brew method, here’s how to make it…



• 30g coffee (ground to caster sugar consistency)
• 300g hot water
• 200g ice (+ more to serve)
• Pour over brewing equipment (more info here)



1. Place glasses in the freezer to chill
2. Pop the water on to boil and grind the coffee
3. Rinse the filter paper and fill the server with 200g ice
4. Place the server and V60 on the scales, add the coffee grounds and tare the scales
5. Start the timer and pour around 75g of hot water over the coffee grounds. Stir and wait 45 seconds
6. Start pouring the rest of the water over the coffee grounds, with the full 300g of water used up at 3mins 35secs
7. Stir the brewed coffee and ice together until fully melted
8. Pop an ice cube into your cold glass, pour over and enjoy!

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