The Truth

The Truth

The Truth is our house blend and is a great base for all espresso based drinks. The focus is on sweetness, balance and body complemented by notes of chocolate caramel and subtle cherry bakewell.
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The Truth is our house blend and a timeless classic. We work with two outstanding producers to create a blend that is consistent, balanced, sweet and works great with milk. Our focus is on building long-term and sustainable relationships with our entire supply chain in order to ensure consistency, traceability and great quality.

The Brazilian element is grown by Guy Carvalho, who owns Fazenda Paraiso, whom we’ve worked with for years. He runs a very well organised and modern farm and the result is evident in his super consistent coffee that is sweet, silky and brings a lovely syrupy mouthfeel to the blend. Guy is an agronomist by trade and is very involved in the cultivation, harvesting and modern processing of his coffees. With his passion for agronomy, Guy is invested in producing coffee in a socially and environmentally sustainable way.

The Honduran element is grown on Finca El Guayabal in the Lepaterique region of Honduras, by Daniel Funez and Juana Martinez. Daniel has been coffee farming since 1997 but his farm has come a long way since then. It’s an absolute paradise of coffee and shade trees, and even with 3m spacing between trees, it’s almost impossible to walk between them because of how healthy they are. The couple have invested in their own coffee roaster which they have installed behind their house, it’s used to roast their own coffee which they sell locally. This coffee delivers a sweetness and a red fruit juiciness that really rounds off the finish on the palate.

roast level
Producer Brazil Fazenda Pariso / Honduras Finca el Guayabal
Region Brazil / Honduras
Varietal Mundo Novo, Yellow and Red Catuai / Catuai, Lempira, Parainema.
Process Pulped Natural / Washed
Altitude 900-1,100m / 1,800-2,200m

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