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We want to thank you for picking up our bag of coffee and scanning the QR code. By buying our coffee you’re sending waves of positive change right down the coffee supply chain, all the way back to the farmer. We’re stoked that you’ve chosen to support an independent roaster like us who source traceable coffees based purely on taste and quality, and roast in small batches on vintage German roasting machines. You’re also helping us to grow the slice of the speciality coffee pie, and for that we salute you! Speciality coffee accounts for just 4% of the entire UK coffee market, and we want to change that by getting more people drinking high-quality, ethical and traceable coffee. Read more about speciality coffee and the impact it’s having around the world here.


We have a range of brew guides to help you raise your coffee game at home. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there when it comes to brewing a cup of the good stuff. It doesn’t have to be complicated - with our handy brew guides you’ll be brewing knockout coffee in no time. 


"Not only does specilaity coffee taste better, it's often grown under conditions which contribute to better ecology and sustainability, while insuring a better price for the farmer. It's a win win all round and that's why we want more people to ditch mass market coffee and start drinking speciality." - Will Little MD


Making espresso at home doesn't have to be a science experiment. We made this brew guide to show you how to make a bangin' flat white from the comfort of your kitchen.



A simple brew method that is surprisingly versatile. It might not look sexy but don't underestimate it's potential to brew delicious coffee.



Roasting is kind of our jam. We’re proud to use vintage German roasting machines built of cast iron which we painstakingly refurbished ourselves. It’s the relationship between these machines, our skilled operators, and cutting edge temperature logging software where the magic happens. This perfect synthesis allows us to highlight the intrinsic qualities of the high quality coffees we select.


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We're proud that our bags of coffee are stocked on supermarket shelves across the UK. Helping you raise your coffee game during your weekly shop.

Brewing the best coffee

You don't need a science degree to brew banging coffee at home. But, there are a few steps to follow that'll help your coffee reach the sweet spot where flavours purr.

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How we source our coffee

We have always wanted to build long term relationships with all our suppliers and be as transparent as possible about our supply chain.

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