Brew Guide: Affogato

Brew Guide: Affogato

An Italian classic. We have memories of sitting in a strange but beautiful old restaurant in Italy and trying this for the first time. We didn’t order a meal as we had just eaten, just an affogato. The waitress thought we were suitably mad, but politely, she decided to serve us anyway, albeit with the odd giggle at her colleague. You’ve just got to love the Italians’ love for food and their well-obided rules around what is eaten and drunk when.

An affogato is somewhere between a dessert and an iced coffee, and if done properly, will make you feel like a bit hazy – a sugar and caffeine rush that’ll make you feel invisible.


It’s a pretty simple recipe and has just two ingredients: sweet vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso poured over the top. Great for after dinner as a dessert, or for breakfast, because we like to break the rules.


You can make the espresso shot with a home espresso machine, a pod/capsule machine or a moka pot. If you don’t have any of that brew gear at home then a trusty cafetiere with a high coffee to water ratio will do the trick.



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