Brew Guide: Iced Mocha

Brew Guide: Iced Mocha

Looking to mix up your iced coffees? This chocolatey iced mocha is basically a milkshake but for adults. It’s a real summer vibe. We used Willie’s Cocoa Rich Dark Drinking Chocolate for this recipe but any good quality hot chocolate will do.


• 36g of The Espresso, brewed (using either a home espresso machine or Moka Pot)
• 30g of Willy’s Rich Dark Drinking Chocolate
• 280ml of milk (we used Oak Park Dairy)
• 3-5 ice cubes



  1. Put the hot chocolate powder in the bottom of a large glass.
  2. Pour the brewed espresso over the hot chocolate and mix well into a paste.
  3. Top up with the milk and stir again.
  4. Add some ice cubes and a straw and enjoy.



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