How to refer your friends

How to refer your friends

You know what's the best thing? Telling your pals about the stuff you love, and they end up loving it too. What’s even better is when you both save money in the process.  

We've got great news because you can refer your friends (who haven't heard of Roastworks before) and you'll both get 20% off for spreading the love. 



1. Make sure you're signed up to Roastworks Rewards. You can find this in the pop up at the bottom right of the website. If you're on mobile, look for the gift icon in the bottom right. If you're on desktop, it will say "Roastworks Rewards" in the same place. Sign up if you don't have an account, or login if you're already set up. 

2. Once you've logged in click Roastworks Rewards in the bottom right and navigate to the 'refer' tab.

3. There are a few different ways you can share your unique referral code. You can either copy the code directly, or choose one of the preset methods like email. 

4. Select your chosen method and follow the steps to send your unique code to your friends.

5. Once you've sent the link – in the words of Take That – you'll have to have a little patience. Your pal has to place an order using the link you sent them, and after 7 days you'll get 700 points in your account ready to cash in for a 20% discount! See how to do that here. 

6. Send the link to multiple friends and watch the points stack up, your future self will thank you 😉  


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