Recipe: Espresso Martini

Recipe: Espresso Martini

This is a go-to coffee cocktail because it's a crowd pleaser and happens to be pretty easy to make, not to mention it tastes great! 


  • 50ml Black Cow Vodka 
  • 50ml Kahlua (or any other coffee liqueur)
  • 2 x The Espresso Pods (brewed), you can also use 50ml of freshly brewed espresso coffee
  • 25ml sugar syrup 
  • Ice

For the sugar syrup:

We used a 1:1 ratio of raw can sugar and water (boiled and cooled)


  1. If you want a frosted effect on the glasses then pop them in the freezer for 30 mins to an hour before you make your drink.
  2. Shake all the ingredients together vigorously with ice in a Boston shaker for twenty seconds. This helps to create that famous layer of foam on top of the drink (you can even use a Protein shaker for this step if you don't have a cocktail one)
  3. Remove the now frosty glasses from the freezer, strain the mixture into a martini glass and garnish with two beans face up (if you fancy it)
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