Recipe: Irish Coffee

Recipe: Irish Coffee

You could say this was the original coffee cocktail. It's super easy to make and is incredibly comforting. Getting that #instagoals layer of cream on top is all about light whisking and slow pouring, oh and the back of a warm spoon. 

50ml Irish blended whiskey
25ml of @shankyswhip
25ml of brown sugar syrup
250ml of freshly brewed hot filter coffee 
Top with fresh, lightly whisked double cream

1. Put all the ingredients except the cream into a glass and give it a mix.

2. Lightly whisk the double cream just until it's slightly thickened 

2. Use the back of a warm bar spoon to float the fresh, lightly whisked double cream on the top! The key here is to pour slowly to avoid the cream dropping to the bottom.

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