Recipe: Rum Flat Boi Rum

Recipe: Rum Flat Boi Rum

Just like a regular flat white but loaded with rum and a dash of sugar syrup. So nothing like a regular flat white then? Seems that way. We have to say this drink is baller, it's a real fave for the roastery team...on a special occasion of course. We tend to only drink it during this festive time of year. So if you love rum and coffee, this is the one for you.

Makes an 8oz drink


1 shot of espresso (approx 36ml)

25ml of Two Drifters rum (or any high quality rum)

12.5ml sugar syrup

126ml of steamed, flat white textured milk

For the sugar syrup:

We used a 1:1 ratio of raw cane sugar and water (boiled and cooled)


1. Pour the sugar syrup and rum into your 8oz cup

2. Brew the espresso into the rum and sugar mixture

3. Give it a stir when the espresso has finished pouring

4. Steam the milk to flat white textured milk and pour into your cup


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