The New Roastworks Range

The New Roastworks Range

You might have seen recently on our social media that our Singles Club is dead. We killed it. A lot of you peeps (and us) loved Singles Club, because who doesn’t love new tasty stuff? Well, we wanted to offer you even more new tasty stuff, so Singles Club had to go. After a few busy months beavering away to get things ready, we finally have a new range that’s ready and raring to go. 

Unlike Singles Club, these coffees are segmented into three different tiers – The Classic, The Curious and The Contemporary. This means we get to offer new coffees to suit a range of tastes. So whether you’re looking for a quintessential tasting coffee, or a thermal-shock, anaerobic, washed Castillo, we’ve got it. We will buy a limited amount of each coffee (we figure about a month’s worth) and when it’s gone we’ll move on to a new one.

We thought we’d explain a little bit behind our thought process for each tier, so after reading this blog you can hop straight to the shop to get your hands on the first release of whichever tier sounds like the coffee for you.  



This tier is special. Well, all of the tiers are special but we think this tier is particularly special. Why? Because these types of coffees don’t often get much limelight these days. As the name suggests, these coffees will be classic, familiar and comforting, and they create a foundation of quintessential flavours on which specialty coffee is built. They will all be ethically sourced from farms and producers who have dedicated themselves to producing high-quality, speciality coffee. Typical origins will include, Brazil, Central America and Colombia which will offer up notes such as chocolate, nuts, caramel and dried fruits. They’ll work great brewed in a wide variety of brewers, and they’ll stand up well to milk. We love these coffees. They’re not showy, they’re not fancy, but they are delicious. Cup after cup.



I guess you could say this is the next step up from The Classic (if you wanted to think of it that way). These coffees raise an eyebrow or two after the first sip, but in a good way. They start to challenge what we think of coffee, with processing methods and terroirs creating an intriguing flavour in the cup. It’s for people who want to explore coffee, for those with a curiosity. In this tier you can expect to see lots of interesting processing methods, varieties and growing regions. These coffees will be bold, characterful, fruity, or juicy coffees and will work best when brewed black. We always recommend trying all our coffees black first (it’s our favourite way to drink coffee) but we’ll always say in the description if we think it works with milk or not. 



Finally, the bonkers tier. Like, blow-your-mind bonkers. For this tier, will source the most interesting and unique coffees in the world. Coffees that challenge conventions and push boundaries, grown by the most modern, progressive farmers. These coffees aren’t sourced because they’re rare, or exclusive, but because they are exceptional. Expect cutting-edge processing methods, tiny, experimental lots and mind-bending flavours. These are the sort of coffees that give us goosebumps when we taste them. We can confidently say, keep these puppies away from milk.

We’re pumped to bring you this range, and even more so about the first release. Boy, are there some bangers in there. All three coffees will be available as filter or espresso roast. There’s something delicious for everyone, and we love that.

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