Which ice cream shall I use for my affogato?

Which ice cream shall I use for my affogato?

We had a pretty intense afternoon testing 5 random vanilla ice creams with our Truth blend, as an affogato. It was a pretty tough day testing them, but we’re very dedicated. You think we’re joking – but have you ever eaten 5 affogatos one after the other? See our results below. 

Just FYI, this isn’t an ad or a sponsored thing. We just wanted an excuse to eat loads of ice cream for “work”. 


Order goes from our least favourite to which we liked the most!


We thought we’d make it a fair fight and include a dairy free ice cream. It didn’t quite work out for this fella though. The ice cream was pretty much melting as we put it in the glass and descended into an ice cream latte almost instantly. It tasted a bit weird with the coffee too, which we reckon was the soy. Maybe an oat ice cream would have been a better option. 



This one started to melt quickly as the espresso poured over the top as well. We get that when you pour hot stuff over cold stuff it’s going to melt, but other ice creams have definitely held up better. In terms of flavour – it was alright, a good option if you’ve got some kicking around in the freezer!



I mean – I know we’re in Devon, so we’re bound to enjoy a clotted cream ice cream. This one held up well with the espresso and had a nice pleasant flavour. Matt enjoyed eating this one from the tub for a while after we finished too. 



We got this ice cream from a company just around the corner, which is one of the main reasons we haven’t put it first – as not everyone will be able to get hold of it. The colour of this ice cream was much richer and darker than the rest but held up great with the hot espresso and tasted really really good with the coffee. 



We hate to say it but we found this to be the best ice cream (when paired with our coffee) out of all of them. The texture of the ice cream was very smooth and the flavour worked really well with our Truth blend. The ice cream held up, making it a more enjoyable (less dribbly) eating experience.

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