Brew Guide: Condensed Milk Coffee Float

Brew Guide: Condensed Milk Coffee Float

This is a super sweet treat. Condensed milk in coffee is a very Vietnamese thing – and we’re totally here for it!



Ice cubes

25g of condensed milk (adjust amount to suit your taste)

36g of espresso - we used our Brazil Pe De Cedro for this recipe

Boston shaker (you could use a milkshake maker)



Brew yourself a shot of espresso – a home espresso machine would work best, but you could use a Moka Pot to hack this recipe.

Half fill a 10oz glass with ice cubes and set aside.

Take your just brewed shot of espresso and put into a Boston shaker with a few ice cubes and shake it vigorously until the espresso starts to foam and doubles in size. You can also use a protein shaker for this step.

Grab your glass and pour the espresso over the ice, give it a good mix with a spoon before drizzling over condensed milk. We’d recommend adding a small amount initially and tasting as you go until you find your perfect sweet spot.

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