Brew Guide: Aeropress

Brew Guide: Aeropress

The Aeropress; invented by the same guy that invented the Aerobie (what a legend). However odd-looking, we love the Aeropress’ capability to brew a clean, full-bodied cup wherever you are. It’s light, it’s durable and it even manages to clean itself down in the process. We always take an Aeropress with us when we’re out exploring on Dartmoor. A coffee like our Brazil is banging as an Aeropress. Here’s how to nail it…


Start by boiling your kettle to 94 degrees Celsius. On a conventional kettle turn it off when you first see bubbles rising from the bottom. Heat up the beaker of the Aeropress with hot water.


Invert your Aeropress, place it on the scales on press ‘tare’. Place a filter paper in the cap and pour hot water over the filter to get rid of the paper taste and discard the water. Add hot water to your cup to pre-heat it.


Add your ground coffee. You’re aiming for a grind like coarse sand, slightly finer than you would grind for a cafetiere. Use a 75g of coffee to 1 litre of water brew ratio, so in this instance, we used 19g of coffee to 250ml of water.


Start the timer and add 250ml of water to your Aeropress. Pour relatively rigorously to ensure all the grounds are saturated. Leave it to brew for 1 minute and 30 seconds.


When the time is up, stir five times to agitate the coffee and screw the cap tightly on top of the Aeropress.


Discard the water from your cup. Place your cup or carafe on top of the Aeropress and carefully flip the Aeropress over so the cup is now at the bottom. Careful not to spill it!



Push down slowly and steadily on the Aeropress for 30 seconds until you have a couple of cm left. You’re listening for a hissing sound to know when it’s done. If it’s too easy you might want to make your grind finer, likewise, if it’s too hard you might want to make it coarser. Total brew time should be 2 minutes and 15 seconds.


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