Customer Story: The Hutong

Customer Story: The Hutong

You'll go to The Hutong for the freshly baked bagels with pastrami, lashings of pickles and Emmental cheese but you'll stay for the good vibes, incredible service and a cup of coffee that slaps.

The guys at the Hutong are doing an incredible job. If you’ve been, you know. If you haven’t, you should. Jamie – the Hutong’s head barista – makes our Truth blend shine more than the feathers on a peacock (that’s shiny). He served us one of the best flat whites we’ve ever had – and we’ve drunk a lot of those in our time. 

They’re seriously focused on quality

Whether it’s the coffee, the bagels or the baked goods and we’re basically a little bit in love with them. If you’re ever in Plymouth and looking for THE coffee spot, this is it. Get down there and show them some love.

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